Research and pedagogical projects

  • Academic Phrase Bank for Writing in Estonian
    Contact: Anni Jürine (anni.jyrine [AT]

The project aims to build an academic phrase bank for writing in Estonian. This language resource lists typical expressions used in Estonian academic texts, organized by rhetoric moves. The phrase bank is intended to support student writers (L1 as well as L2) when writing their BA or MA thesis, but can be used for other academic genres as well.

  • Academic Writing in Icelandic
    Contact: Randi W. Stebbins (ritvermvs [AT]

The School of Education Writing Centre  is developing an Icelandic website on academic writing. This is a companion site to the already existing blog on the APA for Icelandic writers.

Comprehensive website owned and managed by three Norwegian institutions of higher education: The University of Bergen, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, and the University of Oslo. The website contains films, tutorials, guidelines and examples for academic writing in Norwegian and English. 

  • Cross-cultural Comparison of Peer Reviews. 
    Contact: Anna Wärnsby (anna.warnsby [AT]

  • Development of Writing Skills in Upper Secondary School 
    Contact: Damian Finnegan (damian.finnegan [AT]
  • Peer and Instructor Feedback
    Contact: Anna Wärnsby (anna.warnsby [AT]
  • Students’ Metacognition and Development of Metalanguage for Writing
    Contact: Asko Kauppinen (asko.kauppinen [AT]
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