The Nordic and Baltic Network for Writing in Higher Education (NB!Writing) brings together writing initiatives in universities and university colleges in the Nordic and Baltic region

We aim to

1) disseminate our research on writing and innovative pedagogical practices in the Nordic and Baltic regions,
2) exchange practices and interventions for support and development of student writing and instructor competency,
3) share experiences and strategies of making this work sustainable.

We support the development and integration of writing into different disciplines. To enrich the development of each partner’s writing initiatives, our objectives are to emphasize sharing the rationales of the on-going writing initiatives and pedagogical interventions. By doing so, we tap into each other’s strengths and aim to develop writing initiatives that are best suited for each of our unique Nordic and Baltic contexts.

NB!Writing benefits researchers, instructors, students, departments and institutes who use writing as a measure of academic achievement and who see writing instruction as a scaffold for student success.

This network became possible thanks to NordPlus funding during 2016, and continuous support in 2017-2018.

Please join us.